I fought the law, and the law won – Nomad to change name in May amidst legal woes

Within weeks of successfully opening our permanent venue The Michelin-starred NoMad hotel in New York contacted us and asked that we change our name.  Not having the money, time nor appetite for solicitors, we took the difficult decision to close Nomad – come mid-May we’re done, that chapter closes. Heart-wrenching really.

We’re gone but not done.  The Wilderness will be taking over.

We can’t give you many details about The Wilderness yet but what we will share just now: drinks will be a very important part of the venue – it matters that you can visit us for just a drink and still understand what we’re about – that there won’t be a taster menu in any traditional sense, it will open for lunch and dinner Wednesday to Saturday and it’s the first of a trio of venues.

Stax Creations, who have found success creating large-scale and ambitious theatrical sets for events and productions have come on-board to oversee the transformation of the 26 cover dining room into an immersive experience, We’re looking at whether we can change the weather indoors, or build a stream.  It’s going to look nothing like a restaurant or bar.

In its current format, the last day for Nomad will be Saturday May 7 th .  The Wilderness will be open to the general public from the 25th May with reservations available now. For press enquiries and interest in a table for The Wilderness please email hello@foodbynomad.com or call the restaurant on 0121 643 2673.  Limited tables are available for the final four weeks of Nomad – please click here.

We want to take this occasion to thank all our guests, friends, suppliers, family and loved ones who have supported us on the journey so far.  We’re incredibly excited to start our next chapter and share that with all of you.

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our food

We cook modern British food, heavily driven by nature – if it’s not growing here, as a rule of thumb, we don’t use it.  Working with small farms, allotments and foragers we’re trying to capture a sense of place in our food, which takes the form of a multi-course fixed menu of around seven to nine courses – dependent on the abundance (or otherwise!) of the produce available to us.

Our menu is priced around £50 per head for evenings, and a lunch menu of 5 courses is available at £25 on Friday and Saturday lunch.  With advance notice, we can cater for pescatarian, vegetarian and gluten-free diets.  

Please book a table by clicking here or alternatively you can call us on 0121 643 2673.  If you are unable to make a reservation it may well be that the date you have selected is fully booked – we are a small restaurant and do book up in advance.  Please call or email reservations@foodbynomad.com for more details.   


*always subject to whatever curveball nature throws and any other changes. we can cater for dietary requirements but ask for at least 48 hours notice.

no rules?

#Norules is an occasional side project; No rules is a space for us to collaborate, experiment and take risks. We cook what we want, how we want, where we want, when we want.  Past events have included at 18 course taster menu, plant-based theatre piece in an allotment, dinner served on a coach, and a pop-up tapas bar…

We ask guests to turn up with an open mind, throw themselves into the event and pay what you feel the experience is worth and, of course, what you can. No rules, either way.

No rules menu will take place at unannounced venues – we will always announce a meeting point at least 48 hours before to attendees.